I have been married to Titi for five years, we had a happy marriage and a very fulfilling sex life until I started suffring from a severe erectile dysfunction.

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All of a sudden, I couldn’t get my John Thomas up, Titi my darling wife tried to help me. We went to several hospitals, meet with a lot of consultants and churches and healing homes.

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After about a year without any solution, Titi started acting out, she suddenly started giving me attitude, she started sharing my inheritance.

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The one that pained me was when she gave it to a copper who was staying our estate.I decided to open up to one of my friend’s who introduced me to this powerful drug. In less than seven days, things changed.

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Now I can perform my manly duties. I am still married to Titi, but now it’s on my terms. I have taken back my control. But the most important thing is that my erection is back.

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