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It’s the covid era and most clubs are prioritising commercial success over sporting success. Where next for this egomaniac disruptive coach who on the one hand guarantees sporting success and if anything commercial indebtedness on the other hand.

Conte is a man without feelings, one who has a proven track record of jumping ship at the first sign of trouble, but is also the finest Italian coach in the world today. Those hoping for passion and undying loyalty from him should brace for a shock, because Conte is only fond of success and not the club he coaches.

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He is undeniably crazy, as demonstrated by his relentless displays in his technical area and barked orders at his team. Conte’s career shows off his unpredictability, with relationships with the board and results often sending him over the edge. He divides and rarely unites, but his charismatic nature and professionalism will endear him to Football fans who enjoy entertainment and knee jerk football.

One of his strengths is creating a team who would run through walls for him and Inter Milan’s title triumph last season is testament to that. But after winning trophies and celebrating wildly, Conte often finds himself dragged into arguments, and these have always ended in a stormy farewell.

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At Siena, Bari, Juventus, Italy, Chelsea and most recently Inter, tensions have come to a head with those around him. From that point, there is no going back. His desire for respect has also been made clear in several press conferences. In Italy, he proclaimed himself as a ‘Condottiero’, a leader, that has to be listened to without fail by his players and superiors. With the right environment and investment, however, Conte has proven time and time again that he can clinch silverware and bring the glory days back to his clubs.

A man always on the edge, he will leap to his own defence. His decisions during Inter’s Champions League knockout were questioned by Fabio Capello in December, but Conte was not afraid to fire back. Conte walked into a mess behind the scenes at the San Siro, but managed to bounce back from his difficult start to clinch their first Scudetto in 11 years and break up Juventus’ spell of dominance.

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The success of his most recent project underlined the fact that everything he touches turns into gold. However, his hefty salary also means that even some of the top clubs in Europe couldn’t afford him. Curiously, Carlo Ancelotti and Max Allegri, despite having won more titles than Conte, are both on lower wage packages at Real Madrid and Juventus respectively. It is understood that Conte was earning €13million (£11m) a year at Inter. He also banked around €7m (£6m) for his severance pay when parting ways with the club last month. Having done what he does best by securing top spot, Conte abandoned the ship.

The financial difficulties facing the club meant he would have been forced to offload several of his players, and he was not willing to do that.

The Reason Why Conte Quit The Inter Milan Project

The financial difficulties facing the club meant he would have been forced to offload several of his players, and he was not willing to do that. It has often been levelled at Conte that he is not able to build a long-term project. Both Milan Skriniar and Christian Eriksen admitted they heard about the departure by reading newspapers and watching TV. This anecdote further highlights Conte’s impulsive nature and sheer unpredictability no matter where he is.

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I Used To Be A 30 Seconds Man Until I Got This Powerful Drug

Conte may very well be the most stubborn man to have ever coached in Europe. The early stages of his career at Siena and Bari saw him use a 4-2-4 formation, but that system was promptly dropped just three games into his Juventus tenure. Since then, Conte has instead favoured a 3-5-2 set-up. This may work domestically, but he has paid the price in the Champions League in the past for a failure to change up his ideas. This may well be his biggest flaw.

Conte never alters his way of coaching or how he prepares his team for the biggest games. Players who have been pushed out by him are rarely ever handed a reprieve, meanwhile. Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur have steered clear of Antonio Conte already. Where next for this disruptive coach who though delivers on the sporting side of the project makes a mess of the commercial side of business?

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