I have been trying to travel to Canada for more than five years now without success.

Most of my friends who traveled five years ago are already successful

Most of my friends who left five years ago he have already started buying lands and building thier houses. They have other amazing investments all over the place while I keep getting denied by the Canadian embassy in Lekki.

Most of my friends who traveled to Canada give years ago have already started building their houses

I was depressed. I questioned myself, I questioned God, why is my own different. On top of it I had spent millions, a lot of money down the drain with nothing to show for it.

Tunde my friend just returned from Canada on holidays and he saw me walking down the street. He gave me a lift and asked me how life has been treating me.I opened up to Tunde who really pitied me.

Thank God For Tunde, I now have my own Canadian Visa

He introduced me to T&T Travel Agency, and within two months of meeting with them, I now have my Canadian Visa. I will be traveling next week.

Join me in thanking God, I will be traveling to Canada next week

Have you been trying to travel abroad without success, please visit T&T Travel Agency. God can use them to answer your prayers just like he helped me.

Give them a call today. God will put a smile on your face

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